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Dream + BELIEVE + Create = SUCCESS

Dream + BELIEVE + Create = SUCCESS


“Vision without action is daydreaming. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb

Dreaming without action = wishful thinking
Action without dreaming = spinning our wheels
Dreaming and acting without belief = hell

Chances are – all of us have dreams. Some bigger, some smaller – yet all of us do dream of achieving something.

Many of us act on our dreams – sooner or later, but we typically take the first step on our journey to making our dreams come true.

Yet, there’s one more thing that sometimes is missing from the equation – our passionate and consistent BELIEF in our dreams, which translates into a lack of belief in ourselves.

And that’s when our dreams, no matter how wonderful and how faithfully supported by others, might pretty much just go to hell.

The intensity of our belief is a factor in this equation which gives our dreams wings and the manifestation process – speed.

Is it possible to achieve our dreams without the belief? Most likely. But it will be a long, long, loooooong road. A road that’s tiring and filled with hard work. Now, please don’t get me wrong – absence of “hard work” is not the same as absence of “action”.

“Hard work” is a state of mind which results in our lack of belief in what we’re doing (or lack of purpose). If action is fueled with our deep belief and passion, we can “work” on something all day and feel more energized at the end of the day, then when we started.

So, if at this point in your life you are making your life’s dreams come true, please remember to believe in them with all your heart and all your might.

Remember that BELIEF = SPEED with which something manifests.

May we all not only succeed in making our dreams come true, but most of all fulfill our purpose while using our unique, in-born gifts.

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