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Creative Emotion Bringing Joy to Life

Creative Emotion Bringing Joy to Life

The easiest way to feel joy is by simply doing what we love and sharing it with others. We know this, right? But how many of us really take this knowledge seriously?

Even if for a few moments each day, I invite all of us to do what we love and then sharing our joy with others. Yes, our life does in fact depend on it. Only the deepest, purest, most authentic joy experienced consistently can heal what needs healing and has the power to continue to nurture our spirit. When we don’t do what we love and when we don’t feel like what we do matters, our brain sends signals to our body letting it know that it’s time to shut down. What’s the point of keeping something alive that doesn’t want to be alive in the first place? To stay alive (please don’t read “to survive”), we need to make a clear choice. We make that choice in a very simple way – by honoring our natural talents, doing what we love and spreading the joy

Let’s get busy getting joyful, shall we?

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Audrey B is like most Moms, she is trying to take over the world one love at a time. She has written several engaging online content such as: comedy, educational and business professional. She most enjoys making people laugh and helping people enjoy life.
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