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Do What You Feel In Your Heart To Be Right…

Do What You Feel In Your Heart To Be Right…

No matter how kind, thoughtful and sincere we might be, there will always be someone out there, who will misunderstand our intentions, words or actions. Such is Life. And there’s a great lesson and benefit in there most likely, as it usually is the case, for both sides.

When our heart is our guide – we most certainly are on the right path. We are being guided to say or do things that will in the long run benefit our highest good. Sometimes that “good” isn’t immediately apparent. Sometimes, it takes time. One of the laws of the Universe is the Law of Gestation. Everything takes time to come to fruition. And sometimes, the path towards that goal is a funny one. Sometimes, it’s a sad one. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes it is completely confusing.

For a moment.

Let us stay our course no matter what. God works in mysterious ways and a path to enlightenment is always a peculiar one.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right. We are all instruments in the Divine hands and that inner voice in our hearts is the purest channel of the Divine Essence many of us call God. Follow it to the dot and you’ll never get lost, even if others might think that you are.

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