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Finally, a Real Networking App that is Not a Secret Mom Facebook Group


Finally, a Real Networking App that is Not a Secret Mom Facebook Group

By Audrey Boyle in Partnership with Shapr

Do you play on Facebook in line at the grocery store? Check out your Instagram stories in front of your kid’s school when waiting for pick up?  You are developing carpal tunnel trying to text and meet new like-minded people online and have nothing to show for it but some judgy mom comments?  A few more likes to your time-consuming posts with blah comments and feeling like you have no time to get out, feel like an adult, and actually meet some real connections?

Nah it is not that type of party in 2018!  I refuse to waste my time trying to playdate my way to success, fun, and more income.  Trying to get my side hustle on at the playground just sucks…and going to networking events at night when the kids are asleep just isn’t happening.

Now we got Shapr.  Imagine if LinkedIn and Tinder decided to have a baby together and were amazing co-parents.  It is a networking powerhouse without all the hassle of having to make awkward conversation on a playground or put on makeup, get a sitter, and pay for an event fee.  What if you can find collaborations, a new job, or new revenue streams during the few minutes of free time while microwaving your coffee again in the morning? Plus, it totally satisfies our need to play on our mobile phones before going to bed.

All moms have ideas and side hustles and that’s what Shapr is all about: connecting with people that can turn your passion into profit. Finding people that we moms would never have the time or the energy to meet.

Here is how the magic happens: download the Shapr app from the App store.  Fill out the profile with a summary connecting your LinkedIn account.  Be honest, be real about what you are looking for on the app.  Then the app will give you 20 professional contacts that may or may not be a match – YOU decide.  If they look interesting (Yay!) select meet.  If not so much – PASS.  Once it is a mutual connection, it is a connection and you can take it from there.  

Shapr takes all the weird awkwardness out of networking, so it’s amazing for moms that have ideas (which is every mom I have met). It breaks the ice without all of the handing out business cards to people that may or may not be interested in working with you.

To break it down, Shapr is the easiest for moms to make connections and move forward with turning dreams into reality. Why bother with chasing moms on playdates?  Or trying to make connections on Facebook?  You swipe, you match, you chat, you meet.  It’s that simple.  This year, I am going to finally follow my dreams and turn my side hustle into my main hustle and Shapr is how I will get there.

Download Shapr for iPhone and Android here.


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