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Stand Up For Something

Stand Up For Something

“Stand up for something. even if it means standing alone.”

If your beliefs make your heart beat faster, make you feel stronger, kinder, healthier, better – stand up for them! If you believe your actions make a difference in the world – stand up for them! Even if no one else shares what you believe – still stand up for what sets YOUR soul on fire.

As Gandhi put it brilliantly: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Each one of us has a unique purpose, unique truth, unique beliefs and one-of-a-kind life we have been gifted with.

For a reason.

If everyone would sing the same note, there would be no harmony. So sing your note. And stand up for it, for without you being authentically YOU this world would be missing out on something truly remarkable.

A Divine Plan is really a Divine Play. Each one of us has a critical role to play. Let us listen to our hearts for ques to get it right.

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